14.5 mil SP Orca IV, Exhumers V, Exp. Frig III, Transport IV pilot

Location: Jita
EveSkillboard: nWire Fox
No killrights for or against
Positive wallet and sec status
No assets included
2 free remaps available
0 unused skill points
NPC Corp

14.5 mil sp, T2 strips, T2 mining drones. Reprocessing efficiency V

Auction ends June 20 @ 1800 eve time
Starting bid: 12 bil
Buyout: 16 bil

8Bil ISK ready

Sorry Kazim, but your bid does not meet my minimum bid threshold.
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If you took 15 seconds to look how much more expensive getting characters is since yesterday you would realize how unrealistic that threshold is.

Regardless, the choice is yours.

Please don’t reply to my thread unless you have a question or legitimate offer.

Please note I will only consider the set minimum bid offers and greater to be acceptable. Any offers lower than this will not be considered, and will not be up for debate. If you feel the price is not what you wish to pay, keep looking through the hundreds of other posts on this forum. Otherwise, you are bumping this thread needlessly and being disrespectful to the other sellers. Thank you.

Daily bump.

Do you live in a hamster cage? There is no such thing as a needless bump. It actually works in your favor, because it gives your thread more visibility. Not to mention you’ve bumped your own thread 3 times within 24 hours to be exact, excluding your original post. Let me remind you that If you don’t like offers under your so called ‘threshold’ you don’t have to respond.

We also don’t need your advice on how we should commence our trading practices. Some people here have bought over a hundred characters and have followed CCP rules for months. So, I would suggest you re-read these rules and follow them yourself before offering needless and amateur advice. I will not post here anymore, so you can do whatever you want with your character sale. However, If you keep bumping you will get your post locked.

Feel free to stay out of my posts. I don’t need your bottom feeder spammed bids, and wouldn’t buy or sell to you anyways. I made this reply as a form for all my sales as they are getting bids for less than my minimum and less than extant bids on the characters. You aren’t this forum, you are a part of it like the rest.

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I’ll give you 3bil buyout after you extract down to 5mil sp focused hulk pilot. It’s not focused enough on a single purpose to interest me more than that.

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I offer 10b

Sure, you’re a good one. We’ll do the same as last, send the ISK and account info to this character. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hold up, don’t send anything yet as this character is being transferred from the same account as last and I am unable to transfer another until it finishes. Sorry for the delay.

Alright, let me know when you’re ready

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All clear, looks like we’re able to transfer now. Give me a heads up when you’ve transfered the ISK and account info and I’ll send her right away.

isk and info sent :slight_smile:

Character trasfer initiated. Thanks so much again, appreciate the sale and your patience :slight_smile: