142m isk payout for Emergency Aid

anyone else notice you get 3 allotments of rewards for this Homefront anomaly? 1/3, 1/3, and you’d expect 1/3 but it’s full payout at the end.

betcha they programmed an earlier iteration to give out 3 payments each 33% of the total, but then changed their minds and just plain forgot to fix one (maybe more?) anomaly types.

so for 3 months+ folks have been taking advantage of this, and i’ll bet you dollars to donuts noone’s said peep. typical.

either that or CCP…well, i’ll avoid getting in trouble for ‘ranting’ lulz. rollseyes


took them less than 6 hours to fix that one. sheeesh

Funny how that works…

gallows humor? yes, funny how CCP works.

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