15 day old New Bro accidentally spends 1.4 Bil ISK on stream

I was watching a new bro Twitch stream because it’s fun watching the struggle.

Seen this 15 day old New Bro with too much ISK accidentally buy the Carrier Skill plan for 1.4 Bil

15 day old New Bro with too much ISK accidentally buys the Carrier Skill plan15 day old New Bro with too

I was there at the time, had to go back and look for the clip.

Always pays to read the warnings XD

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Lesson to new bros

plot twist; he was actually selling the skill book on an alt and didn’t lose anything, intriguing viewers and gathering pity donations as a crafty scam, smashing two birds with one skillbook.

They were injected

Clips clearly show that he did it deliberately - there was no hesitation in his movements. Also what kind of “15 day newb” has an archon in their personal assets?

Plot twist: its was his carrier alt character and all of that was planned out.

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