Newbro Scam Story

Storytime I guess

It all started on the night of October 16th at roughly 0100 EVE Time. I was close to logging off to go sleep, and my buddy saw this kronos on Dscan. We did the usual zkill check, then we noticed that he had started in early september. He docked up in Algo, we waited a while for him to undock, so that we could bait him in a mission site.

It didn’t happen. What did happen, I started to talk to him from an alt, and things (I guess) escalated. The next morning I woke up next to him, and we cuddled for a bit, before I got up to go. As I was leaving, he gave me 35b isk in liquid. During that day, he managed to snag a bling-fit Sin, as well as another 20b isk. And an officer-fit Kronos. He sent these to me with flowers. It was really sweet.

In the following days, I got more isk, totalling to 85b isk in liquid and assets, as well as a killright from another officer-fit kronos which had a “Cormack’s Modified Large Armor Repairer” fitted (that also dropped). On the 20th or 21st, we had a threesome, one which was heavily featured on Minerbumping up to the end.

That’s where I lost track of what happened, it’s also where I realized that none of this was going to end well. There’s mention of 145b being sucked out on the 21st. It was actually 194b. I’m really good at what I do. I earned all that isk.

Nothing in between. I did make an alt to contact the John to try and see him again, but no replies were sent. On the 25th, corpmates that were aware but not involved noticed. He had biomassed. He ghosted me completely. I miss him, and hope he comes back to me.

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such a sad story, i hope your mark comes back to you for more payment!

So sad, I wish you all the best and hope your John responds ASAP.

I need to know. I was daily feeding a binge spending golden whale who mysteriously dropped off the Eve-verse without notice a week ago.

Thought maybe it was burnout from the P2W negative feedback catching up with them but I guess it really was just a broken heart.

Taken from us just in their prime. It was too soon, damn you!

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just like my ex gf


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