150mm Prototype Gauss Gun

Before I installed EVE I read that everything was player-built. I thought I could build what I needed to be self-sufficient in the playstyle I’d chosen.
The 150mm Gauss Gun coupled with antimatter charges would ensure I would have enough firepower for the security level of the systems I fly/rat/mission in. I didn’t think it’d be the kind of turret that was highly prized and sought after so I expected to build them for myself with an Indy alt who would be supported with a Miner alt… but I go to info to find the BPO and:

Why isn’t there a way to build those? :thinking:

Some items are “meta” items, stronger variants of T1. These only drop as loot and cannot be built. 150mm Prototype Gauss Gun is a meta item.

As to the “why”. It’s just a game decision CCP made at some point long time ago, go ask them.

Why do you not use screenshots? My god…!


Ah ok. In other words it isn’t in the game for me. Cool, thanks.

Because I’m on my phone and screenshot apps aren’t great on phones and I don’t want blunder it up and because it’s easier to just take a snap because the forum allows pic upload so I might as well take advantage of it :upside_down_face:

Don’t be mad at me. I’m only doing what I can and I thought it wasn’t all that important anyway :sob:



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Those named T1 weapons generally drop from NPC pirates, and do not have blueprints as you surmised, are not creatable by players.

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I bought a few 150mm Gauss Guns, who did I buy them from then? There are hundreds and hundreds for sale on the market, who builds them? I thought EVE was player-run economy and everything built by players…

And my question stays unanswered:

But thank you for replying.

@Zieae - you bought them from another player via the Regional Market, check your transaction log in your Wallet (Alt-W) in game, to see which player it was from. They likely obtained them from NPC loot drops, or another player who looted the item.


When you run NPC missions, many of the Non Player Character ships you blow up while doing the mission will have some cargo in the destroyed ship carcass. You can get within 2500k of this wreck, right click it, open the cargo, and loot it. You can get all kinds of ammo and equipment this way. It will all be non-T2, but it is stuff you can use or sell. And, fly cheap, die cheap keeps you from going broke. Once you get used to dying, you can occasionally win, and then you’ll want to up the game.


Those modules you can build need blueprints. The official Blueprints you can buy are T1 Blueprints, e.g. 150mm Railgun I.
If you are able to invent, you can produce Tech II blueprint copies (BPC).
You can obtain better special faction BPCs from NPC stores, by trading loyalty points. But the Carbide, Scout, etc meta modules are produced and uses by NPCs and not for sale - you can only get them by looting their wrecks. But because they drop quite often, there’s a decent amount for sale.

So why? Because it’s implemented that way.
You won’t get happy questioning the rules, it’s helpful to realize that in the end it’s just a somewhat complicated cards game with some dice rolling…

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On the bright side, maybe people will start looting 4s and salvaging again.

She wasn’t questioning the rules, she raised an important inquiry and your response is telling: Contrary to common knowledge, not everything in the game is manufactured by players.

What part of “Because CCP doesn’t want you to have them” was off-topic for you?
Especially when my post essentially said the same thing as this:

Unless CCP doesn’t implement?

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Well, Celestials, NPC stations, and much more “in the game” isn’t either. Even Mizara’s doll can’t be manufactured.
Some common ships can’t be built either, like the Praxis. That’s totally normal in EVE.

Understood. But we’re talking turrets here. Some turrets can be manufactured but others not… You have to admit that a certain disappointment may exist in a player who

( within reasonable limits. Every reasonable person knows that players cannot buil gates, anchor them and use them to jump to another system ) but when it’s an item belonging to a category that can be built, you have to admit that an inexperienced player may be lead to believe that they

especially when, as explained in OP, the turret isn’t a “special” item like a tech2. so Zieae’s confusion and questions are very interesting and I thank you for replying.

I don’t have the reference to call that “normal”. My reference is as a player and I don’t see why the Paxis shouldn’t be built by players, besides reasons that make business sense. If it’s that then :person_shrugging:

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Praxis, Sunesis and Gnosis are popular gifts to active players by CCP. These can’t be built, so the insurance value is ridiculously low. These are incentives, so yeah, it’s kind of a business reason, indeed.

There are several modules that only drop. Probably it is a way to keep up loot and salvage values, for this is the only way to obtain these goods. That is a common way to make players perform different tasks and even a clumsy newbro like me was able to find some nice items and had fun in a Noctis, which was my first “special” ship I was mighty proud of :wink: .

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Agreed, if Zieae wants those guns she’ll have to earn them then, and since ratting is her thing she’ll just have to up her game to find those turrets.

It was a Stratios and the Praxis for me. But now I love destroyers… now that I have the skills to fit them tough and fast. The Hecate is a fun ship.

Also it takes 1 trit to make the praxis hence the cruddy insurance

Did you ever see a Praxis blueprint?

No but the industry window says one trit to build

And that’s why a Praxis blueprint is a wet dream for hardcore industrialists :wink: