17 years of bugs (it's a joke, if you don't understand it don't click, image editing)

What do you do when you can’t log in?

I am correcting false advertisements, and meanwhile i keep paying without being able to play …

Maybe we will get compensation this time?

17 yeas of bugs

Sorry CCP this joke was easy.
Courage and good luck to devs.


ViSit ThE eVE sTorE


Why ? free gifts ?

at the moment I can’t watch, every time I launch the game it disconnects.

Be glad it’s not a boot.ini fiasco again :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


What I do? I’m going to play other great games. There are so many that there are not enough 10 lives. In my humble opinion, CCP makes great holidays and great gifts And you do sad ■■■■ :roll_eyes:

You signed up for an online game. That was your acknowledgement and acceptance of issues like this.

Be an adult and deal with it, or unsub and gtfo. You won’t be missed.

Also, 17 years of bugs? Like literally every other computer program, ever?


I do not have the slightest problem with a DDOS, it’s not CCP’s fault. However… There has been no shortage of terrible bugs. The fact I’ve twice left because a bug cost me a fortune and the GMs admitted the bug and shrugged their shoulders should disturb their management.


I think he is not happy? Embittered at not being able to play? He doesn’t understand humor?

Here’s one more if you don’t understand humor.


thats what you do when you cant login?
wow … has to be a boring life then …


Boring life ? yes yes and yes ! I love my boring life. :parrot:

This is not the right place for my other photos and creations but… look at a little bit of my boring life :wink:

Boring life :rightparrot: :parrotwave3: :parrotwave5:

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ok i did not expect you react but … lol … since you did may i ask you why you spent 5 mins on such crap like in the OP when you just could make something cool in the time you cant login to EVE?


-For change.
-For fun
-And after two months of confinement I already did everything there was to do.
-Because eve is offline.

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well i dont get the benefit for the community but yea
as long as you had fun with it

as long as idiots are out there who can run DDOS attacks you can have problem to login


oh look a toxic goon

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