[18.07] Little QoL changes in the 18.07 release

Hey all,

We have a few little quality of life changes scheduled for the 18.07 release, and we’d love to get your help testing them :slight_smile:

  • if a fleet boss changes standings to someone, they will no longer need to update the fleet advert, it will be automatically updated. Additionally, if someone else changes standings that could affect the advert (like corp standings), the ad should be updated within 10 minutes to reflect that change (as opposed to never before).
  • the entries in the jump navigation window can now found by starting to type the system name, that it, it will works as it did before the “Type” columns was added
  • the “Nothing was found” message in Inventory windows will now include the name of the name of the inventory location if the window is in compact mode
  • trading hundreds of ships should now be a bit smoother than before
  • characters can now be kicked from corporations when they are “normal” cloaked (not emergency or gate cloaked)

Happy testing and fly safe :smiley:


I never thought they’d actually ever fix this griefing tactic.

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:heart: :heart: :heart:

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It’s always wonderful to hear from a DEV in the forums! Thanks for the heads up!

The two pricks above who I have a lot of respect for forgot to give a like only because it’s such a shock to have a Dev post.

You people have no idea how much just small communications can be to such a tight player base. :smiley:

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It’s still an old joke that applies even today. When ever a big patch was going to roll out, put in a long skill.

I miss the feeling of comradery between the Dev’s and the player base from yrs ago. Even this short message from a Dev who could easy get his arse chewed out for even posting in their own forums by some of “The Evil Players Who Read the Forums” gives me hope.

@CCP_karkur Thanks again and keep sticking your neck out!

Very nice changes again from you and your team. Keep up the good work. :smiley:

Thanks for the kind words, I’ll keep posting here when I have stuff to say :smiley:

(also, not to make a big deal out of it, but *her :smile:)


@MB_ThePhotographer who’s the prick now? :cactus:

I humbly apologize and thank you for correcting me! :smiley:

I am “only” because you want CSM Sooooo bad! :rofl:

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