About that Fleet Up thing

  1. double click still not working - even in the old fleet finder too
  2. word wrap now working for the update fleet window
  3. missions/epic arc added to categories
  4. better layout of splash screen
  5. just call it “Safari up!” and be done with it and let the ‘emergent gameplay’ begin from ‘content creators’ of the eve’s loving community
  6. THERE’S NO REQUIREMENT WHEN CLICKING N00B FRIENDLY!?!? rename it “open to new players” you knuckleheads.
  7. the default for new boss update to advert is ‘automatic’ except it’s not worded that way…and also…
  8. the help info popup for new boss update is literally worded opposite the root sentence
  9. “misc[ellaneous]” should be “-” so it appears at the top where most spam scammers will use (and why did you even abbreviate it in the first place ffs)
  10. and last but not least, the old fleet finder new toggle should be worded from “0.0” to “5.0” (because there’s no literal way to set someone to other than light blue or dark blue when setting positive
  11. oh oh, i forgot to mention that #9 is worded that way because if you leave the default required standing at 0.0, the toggle will make that disappear - and the wording says “BELOW 0.0”
  12. that toggle in the old fleet advert, on sisi, to hide any public fleet that doesn’t require 5 or 10 positive standing is (a) not worded that way (b) isn’t a filter option on the new fleet up?
  13. on the new fleet up the “fleet name” should be replaced with “location” BECAUSE IT DOESN’T HAVE A COLUMN FOR THE LATTER…
  14. …not to mention that “fleet name” should really be place over the description in the right hand box to avoid encouraging spammage
  15. oh, and i’d forgotten to add that the “update fleet register” appears in different locations and will lead to folks mistakenly thinking they’d ‘saved’ the advanced and ‘finished’ the registry update, then they’ll close the window and not have actually completed the update.


sorry about the swear word, but you honestly gotta comprehend that it’s GOING TO HAPPEN if they release as is. i’d rather offend now any snowflakes than see the infinite ways this is going to go sideways if it’s not fixed.

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