188Mill SP PVP Pilot for sale **GODLIKE PVP SKILLS**

(Nakedandfearless) #21

Send your offers

(Miley Twerk Cyrus) #22

Sent you a mail in-game.

(Nakedandfearless) #23

Just replied to it.

(Miley Twerk Cyrus) #24

Lets have a chat in-game if you can finally not stuck in work and replying on dinner break.

(Nakedandfearless) #25

Offer of 165 Billion ingame mail. Getting closer.

Keep sending offers if you’re interested

(Nakedandfearless) #26

Send your offers

(Nakedandfearless) #27

Accepting more offers

(Nakedandfearless) #28

still available. Very good pilot