18th year event. Lost the 250K skilll points for downtime... recoverable?

Hallo all
I went online fro the 18th year celebretion event as an Alpha.
I checked firsat three days as an Alpha, probably I was 1 day late.
Then I saw the 250K skill points day 10 prize, and I decided to buy the Omega time
in order to grab it. But as the last day was coming, a timer was set up
for 12:00 O’clock. Just before downtime as the final deathline.
I tried to not loose the 10th day prize, and when the downtime was over,
the prize was also gone…

Has anyone lost it too??
Is it possible to ask if that was normal??
Shouldn’t it be awarded to everyone despite someone may have started one day late??
At least this is what I guess happened…

You started more than 1 day late if you didn’t get it.

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Are you one of those who complain and ask for refund when you try to take a flight one day late too?


I did not ask for a refund, why would I???
I was wondering, if the mechanics were working this way or,
once started, the campaigns like this all have a strict deadline or not.
Nevermind what other thinks. I don’t.
Probably you had a bad experience. Want to share?

I am one that bends like grass. I do not stand like an idiot for others to take me down, if you ask… right or wrong…

Most campaigns end at downtime on the day, so if something ends on the 12th at downtime your last chance to claim it is 11:59am on the 12th, its something you’ll get used to with how things run on the server

Yes, this was normal.

No, it was “redeem a single prize once a day, every day”.

Would it be fair for everyone who logged in every day, for someone to come in at the last day and be able to redeem all 10 prizes?

Also, you were given like 13 days to redeem 10 days worth of prizes. You missed more than one.

Yes, they all have strict deadlines. As in, “it ends on the 18th of May at downtime”.

We had this discussion a couple years ago. I was quite vocal back then too.

Now that was a fun time to be on the forums.

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Yes and no. The last gift can only be redeemed on the 14th, but the last time it can be redeemed is the 15th.

I can never understand how this is so difficult or confusing to grasp. Other games have this, and yes, you can only redeem 1 prize every day, or after a set amount of time. Lets say a prize redemption is reset every 20 hours. I dont expect to log in at 10 PM, my time, redeem a prize, then log in on 2 AM, 4 hours later, and think i am able to redeem it again.

Now that theyve added The “Next gift in” section, you really have no excuse.

Unless youre new of course, which looks like the case for OP. But even then, common sense should prevail, and it should be obvious.

I see, but there was a downtime of tot hours, and I thought that that countdown was ending the next day after of the downtime. I’m still a casual player, old but casual… so I don’t spend hours checking everything… like when the event started and how much time do I have left…

I see it now it is a really good thing after all that everyone can get the prizes backwards once logged in, but if he started more than three days late he will eventually run out of time.

Downtime has always been at the same time at each day. And when an event says it ends on, say, may 20th, then there is no reason to assume it would go on until downtime on the 21st of may, because that means the event didnt end on the 20th.

Yes. If you dont make it in time to get all the rewards, you will not get all the rewards.

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This is where the “redeeming more than once a day” comment kicks in.

You can only redeem one gift a day.

Gift redemption must reset at some specific time.

The end of the event is clearly listed.

This holds true for every daily redeem event in every game. Even most new players know how this works. The only aspect that remains a mystery to them is when the reset time is.

So it says “8 days remaining”. You redeem a gift. It still says “8 days remaining”.

Again, you can redeem one gift a day. It says 8 days remaining, and you just redeemed one. Its simple logic, math, and common sense.

Hahaha, no.

In my example, i said:

Unless 3am and 5am are 20 hours apart, i am completely right, and you are the one who is completely wrong.

I guess we now know who has the reading comprehension problem now.

BTW, OP isnt new.

But, regardless, the confusion results from new players understanding, but mistakenly assuming things that arent true, and not really reading or actually being careful. Even though almost every event description says “Until downtime to downtime”, they wrongly assume its actually their local midnight time or that its 24 hours or something or other. And if you mistakenly assumed or didnt read something, or didnt ask, i dont generally have any sympathy for those types of people.

Im always kind to people, im known as a generally nice guy.

But theres a difference between being nice to a new player because he is confused or is asking questions, and being nice to some entitled idiot who didnt read and didnt ask questions and just assumed everything and gets angry after the fact because the game didnt bend to his will.

This thread is full of people like that.

I dont, and im genuinely a nice person. The second category that i reply most to, is the New Players Q and A section of the forums.

But this is how EVE has always been. We have always considered people who are mature, and who can take a loss in stride and not blow up and not complain and whine, and who want to genuinely learn and better themselves as people that we genuinely want to help.

Quality over Quantity.

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The whole issue stems from the fact that EVE is one global server (if we forget about Serenity for a bit), most people are used to games and MMO’s that operate in their own time zone so a player’s end of the day coincides with the server’s end of the day. This is not the case in EVE, in EVE a new day starts during down time and that means that if you’re on the last day and had to wait till after down time for your (last) redeem then that isn’t going to work.

For a new player that’s not exactly intuitive and it’s completely understandable to be caught out by this, it’s just something you run in to for the first time and if you’re paying attention and have a brain you will go “oh well, I guess that’s how it is” and adapt to it. However, there are also players who’ve been playing for quite a while who could and should know better by now but who don’t seem to have a brain and keep running in to stuff like this, those we mock and every time they make a post on things like that (or other stuff that only happens if you don’t have a brain like being ganked) there is quite a bit of shadenfreude going on, apart from the occasional well-meant advice of course.

There are several ways to deal with this:

  • CCP adds “last day until down time” to their information. That should be enough information for people who pay attention to understand how it works but lets be honest, people don’t read and will cry anyway so it’s not really going to solve anything

  • quietly add an extra day so people can redeem on the last date mentioned, even after down time. This would be consumer friendly and the nice thing to do but this is EVE and we don’t do nice here.

  • HTFU and deal with it. This is generally how CCP does things and how EVE itself works, the majority of EVE players like it that way and are thus fine with that or it’s just a case of Stockholm Syndrome, who knows…

Understand why it happens, accept it and move on. Or don’t and keep raging and rage posting about it.

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Its a public forums. Its not harassment when someone replies to you. If you cant handle criticism, talk to your cat.

And when youre ready, come back to the adults table.

And where might that be? Because it’s certainly not in the EVE-O General Discussion forum.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Its certainly more adult than someone saying “Youre harassing someone by replying to them on an open, public forum”.

If that’s where you set the bar for adult behavior, then sure.

I don’t set my bar so low.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Thanks for agreeing with me that the bar is pretty low for someone to accuse another of harassment for replying to a public forums.


Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


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