2,000 Units Of Mining In Vanguard

Harvesting 2,000 units of ore will get you the Osprey Navy Issue Arkombine SKIN. Only ore harvested through mining activities will count toward your total, so ore looted from other players will not count.

Does a single unit of Ore consist of the green rock I blast or the Allow that drops from it? Right now from mining, I have 237 Inert Alloys, and 26 Reactive Alloys for a total of 273. Does this mean I have 273 toward the 2,000 total?

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I think the ore is the green rock you mine and the mineral is the alloy that drops from it.

Soo, where did this offer come from, a contract task in the FPS Vanguard?

You’re limited to a specific amount of green rocks. I’ve come across rocks containing either 3 green ones or 8 green ones. So, if we need to collect 2,000 of them, it will definitely exceed the 4-day time limit for playing.

The Osprey Navy Issue Arkombine SKIN in Vanguard requires mining 2,000 units.

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So, did anyone actually get it?
I seem to have wasted hours trying to get it.
Will be a no-go next time.

Better get my two skins, worked my :peach: off

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Imagine creating an FPS to compete with Fortnite and COD and Valorant and Overwatch where you have to do some boring, dull, monotonous task like MINING.

LOL! :joy:

Honestly, who thought this was a good use of time and money?

Another CCP FPS DOA.

I did not see anything, any counter ticking, no stat for it, so I did not bother with it.

If they will see who did what, they could have been at least showing that to us when we did it.

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If these resources tie into the existing eve economy, then that’s the purpose.

I have no idea why the devs of a slow burn strategy MMO think that making a twitch shooter will excite their player base.

Could we get some clarification from CCP on this one please? I got the Corax skin but not the Osprey skin. If the Osprey skin could only be earnt by mining 2000 individual yellow nodes that is an insanely unfair requirement. That number of nodes was pretty much impossible to do unless you never logged off the entire playtest. Of a certainty I did 2000 alloys because I was making notes as I went along. That would have been a fair challenge

Of course we won’t get any clarification. Next time good luck getting people to help CCP.

I just received my Osprey Navy Issue Arkombine SKIN, so thank you to whomever at CCP took this matter up. It is much appreciated!

Received it too! Thanks for resolving this!

Calm down miner.

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The mining limit has been lowered to 1000 ore units and applied retroactivelly to all Vanguards who achieved the lowerd quota.

It was announced yesterday in Vanguard anouncements channel in EVE Discord :slight_smile:

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