2.1 Gig download twice in a week

Last week I had to download 2.1 gigs of data in order to log in an play.

Today the same issue occurred where I had to re-download the same 2.1 gigs of data.

Why do the important files seem to vanish and then get downloaded again only for the same thing to happen again?

After downloading the 2.1 gig patch, I logged into the game normally and everything functioned properly.

I then disconnected from the LAN line and connected to the WiFi. Now there is a 1.3 gig download that needs downloaded when the game worked perfectly fine on the LAN line.

The most recent upload of 1.3 gig loaded up and I was able to play normally without any problems. I logged back in and now there is 675.07 mb download in 3868 files.

Is CCP able to explain what is happening with this downloads?

The real question is why is innuendo coming from radio stations in Akron, Ohio associating with these constant downloads

Call Response received on client , but the call wasn’t in self.calls, so the response will disappear… Packet::CallRsp (Address::Node(nodeID=“1481269”,service=“None”,callID=“None”),Address::Client(clientID="",callID=“441”,service=“None”),425 bytes,[<MarshalStream ‘~\x00\x00\x00\x00*"\x14\x03\x02\x14blue.DBRowDescriptor%\x14\t,\x11’\x06\x14,\x11J\x06\x03,\x11?\x06\x03,\x11,\x06\x14,\x13\x06flagID\x06\x02,\x11A\x06\x03,\x11#\x06\x03,\x11\n\x06\x03,\x11\x17\x05\x81\x00\x15\x02,\x13\tstacksize\x02&eve.common.script.sys.eveCfg.StackSize,\x11G\x02&eve.common.script.sys.eveCfg.Singleton–\x1c\xa3\x89\xbd\xfb\x83\xef\xb4\x12\xd2\xc9\x01\x96\x85\x02p\xd9.\xa3\t\xff\xff\xff\xff\x1bz\x06}\x01\x01’>],{}, None)

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