2 ideas for better game experience (mostly explorers)

I would like to suggest two “minor” yet very useful (from my point of view) features for easier and smoother gameplay of ours.

  1. make and option or setting for “AUTO STACK” cargo
    this is probably most annoying part of inventory which many of Explorers are facing on daily basis. This would really dramatically lower amount of needed right clicks during gameplay :wink:

  2. pls consider something like “charge cargo bay” so our probes/nanite will not be needed in main cargo thus it will not be visually present in active ship cargo hold, as you usually need rockets, mobile depots and stuff like to be visible but not much probes or nanites so you are not bothered to have them somewhere else.

those two things would be super usable I think.

What’s your opinion?

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I’m with ya. (Post minor things there next time)

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