2 ideas for isk dump -> player crafting: Skins and books

I will start with the skin idea that might not work as i understand its a way for ccp to sell direclty skin for real money.

The idea is to create your own skin to any ships and then being able to sell it to other players. Im very picky and i find it hard to find good looking skins, the one i prefer of all is the “bloody hands” one for the hel. When you open the similator, you see the 2 button (browser for hulls&fits/hardware and skins), when you click skin, the window on the right with normal “capacitor/offense…ect” behing displayed would then offer options for the skin creation. It could even require mats to do release it.

Second idea, books, or maybe a rework of the notepad including greater limits on things you can put (over 3900 letters) and the possibility to create books (guides for new players, links, story of alliances, way to make isk ect). in order for this to have any real value is to ba able to put alot of informations in it so to acces it ingames rather then having second screens to look at websites.
Maybe someone would have additional idea for the book part, so that some can sell for decent isk and really be part of isk dumping.

Sorry if thoses ideas were already proposed, i tried to look fast in here and didnt found it.


Pink-colored Thorax fleet…

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Love both parts. But…

There was a glitch at some point early on when skins were introduced rather then ship versions, where you could put on any skin on any ship, and that looked awesome. There are still some cool screenshots out there of amarr skins on galente ships and such.

There was a fanfest presentation also where they presemted editor they use internally. They drafted Star Captain skin in under a minute. So there is that.

Guess they dont have an idea how to monetize player created skins. And are afraid they wont be able to sell their own.

Love books idea, but it needs thinking through.

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Yes thats exaclty my thoughts, it needs to brings real $$$ still.

The more i think about it, the more obvious any player can make their own and would not spend anything aside from maybe some isk to produce it if mats could be require to make them.
The level of customisation of the skin making process needs to be complex and deep to motivate lazy players to buy them. So to make each creations unique and endless. I play another social game and player made item related to fashion is really big.
The simulator feels like a game within the game, the skin creation could be aswell.

Maybe the tool have to has options that can only be unlocked via loot drops and using plex. Lets say there is a special cool visual effect like thoses can see on some abyssal gila skins, you could use plex to unlock that option.

EDIT: as for books yes, i dont think it would trigger interest on many poeples, unless it could offer features like adding videos or pictures maybe.

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Step 1. Show an isk sink is required.

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