Too busy decrypting a mainframe to notice the timer, grabbed the loot with 2 seconds to go… :smiley:

(don’t even know what the loot is yet, the suspense is gonna kill me (or the pirates) (or other players) (or stumbling into a worm hole) (or more pirates) (or aliens))

I’m doomed. :frowning:


how did you get it fixed? My supercarrier is stillvanished and no answer to ticket so far :confused:

normal reboot is 20 minutes?

Probably a mix of Tritanium, Pyerite and Mexallon



Not sure why a warning before a reboot is such a thing-unless Eve Crashed they alway gave one in past-doesnt mean you noticed the warning. I have NEVER seen a headsup on the launcher before but I have been out of game a bit recently.


Looks about right

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The warning given is often much shorter, 5-15 minutes in most cases in the past. The longer warning this time gave people doing things not affected by the issue plenty of time to get done and get safe instead of getting stuck in a shutdown and possibly dead as a result if in an Abyssal site or other risky scenarios.

Edit: Also yes, the launcher notices as currently done are quite helpful, better than more subtle news items used in the past sometimes, etc.


any idea what happens if you were 2 seconds late?

With regards to the warning on the log in screen. It was mentioned at EVE North and had a good response from the audience. Now i have seen in action, its a good idea.

Although I still want to know what has happened just to make sure its not something that i would ever do.


I f you are at the end of a mission and the shutdown happens before you can salvage your target what happens?

Awesome work guys. You were on to it in a flash. If no one else says it… Well done and thank you for keeping our game awesome.




In the sense of a wreck, it will most likely disappear. If needed to complete it, there’s a ticket category specific to this sort of issue. Game Play Support -> Game Play -> Agent missions in Progress. Explain to them what happened and they will likely reset the mission for you, you’ll have to run it again probably but won’t have to take a standing hit or have other issues that way.

(This was formerly known as Mission Site Disappeared After Downtime, if I remember correctly, originally aimed more at normal downtime messing objectives up on people. It would also work in a case like this and appears to have been renamed accordingly).

the moment someone says the most unusual chain of events in somethings history caused something i want to know what it is lol … im now super curious … forgot to feed the hamsters ? network cabled died ? one bad hard drive sector ? or are we talking A led to B led to C led to what the heck ?


Thank you very much for the warning and all the effort to fix it. I’m curious as to what happened, but if that’s a secret, oh well.

gotta love some Scruffy!

14:00 update
14:15 update
14:30 …
14:45 …
15:00 …

seems like we’re due an update… soon™ (hopefully)

Yep, can’t miss the yellow/orange banner across the top of the launcher and the blanking out of all the stuff underneath. This is my 2nd time seeing that… and nope, can’t miss it!

I’m curious - i have a similar issue with a ship appearing in my personal assets window but not in the ship hangar of the structure…same situation as you?