You owe me a new keyboard, Falcon!

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@Zaphod Pacaud: Yes! Supercarrier is listed in asset window and I can insure / change name but its not in station and when i want to board it, it says you forgot your keys for the ship.

Hello since they are solving those problems, I would like to tell you that since the last update of the launcher, Ican not right clic inside my hangar, nor in the fitting the modules come out, I would like if they could fix that.

same here…was it impossible to undock as well? I was trying to undock with the undock button unresponsive. then i changed ships and undocked a different ship. when i docked back into the structure, that’s when the first ship vanished from the ship hangar.

is TQ still dead,or did CCP repaired things? i cant login atm

@Zaphod_Pacaud Yes 100% the same for me!

Just some millions skillpoints here and there, and nobody will notice this extended downtime, you know how it works.

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Thanks. I logged a support request with a log file (from when i was trying to undock) and a screenshot showing my personal assets window and my ship hangar. I’m sure CCP will rectify.

yeah i wrote a ticket as well shouldnt be too hard to see the issue for them :slight_smile: Fun Fact was also that my fighters got scattered all around the system. One set in the sanctum I was in, 2 sets at the keepstar and the other 2 sets somewhere in deadspace not in line with sanctum <-> keepstar no idea how they got there but blues saved them for me <3

Well when I logged back on the data site had vanished and I was sat in an empty system…

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