20220103 - Tranquility Stability Issues

Update: 13:20 UTC: Tranquility is now back online and accepting connections.

Update 12:55 UTC: Restart procedures are underway. We will be taking some extra time to monitor the cluster’s health before we open the doors. We are aiming to have TQ open to players by 13:20 UTC.

Tranquility has been experiencing some stability issues following today’s downtime.

An unscheduled restart of Tranquility is being performed at 12:40 UTC to attempt to rectify the issue.

Updates here and on the EVE Status Twitter account.


Some things to merge.


Nice to see you are onto it


Hope all is back soon!

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Any idea how hard is to recover 130 drones when server just randomly dies -.-…

Right click → Reconnect to drones - about 26 times?



yeah with reds trying to kill me it was lovly lol

Game if Whack-a-mole? :joy:

Yes, there has already been a restart of sorts aside from the unscheduled but intended one we’re performing now to try and get TQ back to a good state.

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Do you have an ETA of downtime? Thanks

I am sure the Team is already working on a fix, but here is what i experience at the moment: I can only connect to my accounts as Alpha clones (one clone at a time and only receive alpha rewards). Though once i am connected the Skill Que is working in Omega mode.

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was the same for me, didn’t notice at first. Hope it didnt f-up my reward/login progress…

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Is this why my client was stuck at “Resource Loading” black screen after login? I proceeded to reinstall EVE…

yes it was

There was a time where we got free SP for inconvenience. CCP please.


If the server restarts while your drones are out, they should be back in thier drone bays when you login again.

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The server crashed because I started mining for the first time after years of PVP


Can you imagine, wanted to finally use my new lap-top, trying to open Eve, can not log in, delete previous install, reset clients data etc etc. Just to find out that we had an outage which does luckily not happen that much!


I had/have an hour to play before work… T - 25 now :frowning:

Now SP = money and can’t be budgeted. No Fear! You’ll have a 30 day skin for a noob ship in your rewards asap!