2023/05/11 - Ongoing - Intermittent chat issues

Well chat still borked as i have toons in the same system and some show and some dont. GG CCP

Chat is broken again. Channels are either not loading at all or loading with a sizable delay. This has been the case after downtime for the last few days.

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Ever since that crash on Nov 19th all channels have been suffering, some more than others. Today is very bad again. 10 15 minutes in, still no trace of local, alliance, corp … Player made channels load slowly, but at least load.

Same on my account. Local and Corp not loading, other channels extremly slow.

I like the idea of new stuff and All

But I REALLY would LOVE the idea of them making sure things are fixed and Stay fixed.

This sucks


Not only does dscan not work on cloaked ships, it also doesn’t work on combat recon ships.

Wormholers choose to live in wormholes (as opposed to regular space or pochven).

Further to that, not only is dscan also suffering issues at present, even the overview’s having problems - I can see a ship in space that SHOULD be in my overview, but it’s not in the overview. Nor are things like the solar system star, or even the station I’m sitting inside the docking ring of right now.

Chats aren’t working. Corp chat, alliance chat, even fleet chats are failing - not consistently either. I’ve got four characters logged on at present, and each one of them, although all in the same alliance, corp and even fleet, have completely different views of things.

The game is broken at present. Kissing CCP’s arse is only making you look like you chose brown lipstick this morning.


Imagine it was the other way around and your ships would jump to random systems, suddenly there are 100 NPCs that kill you in a random location, your fleetmates ship duplicate if you heal them :rofl:

Please CCP, just get your game together and rebuild the chat system from scratch without any weird 3rd party soft/hardware.
Every year we have one “blackout like event” at least and it’s even more annoying, because you don’t have fleetchat or corpchat, and I wonder how it’s that hard to have a chat-system that works…

Is there no prior testing when patches are released, or when the patch is uploaded on a test server is testing limited to “it uploaded, the client downloaded it, op success time to ship to live server.”

CCPlease, save us from this madness!

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I have the feeling that is an overestimation of the amount of testing applied to patches before deploying them. :thinking:


Fantastic. DT hasn’t even happened and chats are already caving. I get kicked out of chats and can’t get into my own chats anymore.

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Come on CCP ffs. Chat issues been going on for ages and still not fixed. How about fixing the broken shite before you add more stuff that is broken :frowning:

Pull your finger out and learn to code.

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there was also some kind of patch? Minutes before DT?

Great. Now I’m told I’m banned from chat, along with two other accounts. Chat is just getting worse and worse AGAIN !

20 min before DT angel militia chat disappeared.

84 years

Bring it back in house for Bob’s sake
Chat has had problems ever since AWS got their hands on it, and no matter how many times the devs declare that nothing is wrong, things still go wrong.
Yes it may be different things each time, but the constant problems over many years is simply not funny any more.

Have you heard of a thing called game mechanics?

Yes there is a Thing called D-Scan. BUT there is Also Local. It’s a mechanic that is breaking atm. By your logic, what happens If local works but then D-Scan brakes?

Please stop.

Local is not Wormhole space, you understand that, right?

Not flying something you aren’t okay with losing is rule #1. BUT that rule is also goes hand in hand with The Game Works as intended.

Otherwise, If a mechanic that brakes and now you lose your ship, What ya gonna do, by your logic, you just gonna take it, aye?

Stop being an ass. Please :slight_smile:

It seems you have not been in EVE in the early days…where CCP did jump players to random systems when the first power blocks formed and folks implemented the first gatecamps. It was considered undesirable gameplay back then and lasted about a week or two until CCP came to its senses again due to afair player uproar.

How long until CCP will discontinue the chat?