20231121 - Unscheduled server restart at 16:00 UTC


The patch is also related and apparently critical for First Strike event coming on 7th December yay!
Source: Havoc updates, Vanguard news

Glad you sorted it out and respect for showing us how agile you can roll forward and back your updates at will. And despite the fuc :heart: kup it still counterintuitively gives me confidence in you CCP lol :slight_smile:

Being a client (player) to other Massively online platforms (no need to mention) that were requesting alot less monthly fees I saw a rarer incidents of multiple structural failures both ingame and hosting overall. I do remain a great fan of your game yet I wonder if you should invest more in making players feel safer in investing with overall failures and particularly in the abyssals if someone does invest and has a player owned failure such as a dc, why isnt that protected? Being more precise: If i invest in a heavily expensive ship while in an abyssal if my router disconnects due to bad weather for example, it all goes to ruin. Shouldnt that be protected some how?

No. Its a mechanic designed to prevent abuse. Eve players are not your average mmo players. History has proven many times, if something can be abused, or exploited, eve subscribers will take advantage.

Anyway, to prevent a potential loss and unplugging an ethernet cable, or unplugging the power, among other attempts to curb from dying in the abyss, ccp basically makes entering at your own risk and will not reimburse your ship.

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Just when the game starts to become fun too. It was a shame you couldn’t keep it together for more than a day without interuptions.


That was a joke, right? People pour hard earned money into your casino, you gotta make them feel safe.

Happy Thanksgiving people, as a reward, you will NOT be able to login today, due to another failed update last night at DT :stuck_out_tongue:

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It is not a bug, it is a feature.™ :psyccp: This is CCP’s way of granting you free time to be with your family during thanks giving. :wink:

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Sure hope this is true as about time they started showing the great work em antigankers are doing to prevent many ganks from happening.

Should even the score on zkillboard.