20B to invest


I’ve got isk to invest in an appropriate scheme.

Let me know what is going on & ill send you a Pledge,

Also offering my free meta game analysis service across new eden,



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There was this nice lady in Jita doubling isk. You should check her out!

Do you actually get people with legitimate ideas?

I average 1B ROI/Day, but I cant see anyone trusting someone else in this game enough to give them that much isk with no collateral.

It is all about reputation. That’s worth more than any amount of ISK.

I’ve been the recipient of several no-collateral investments. After my first public offering closed, I really didn’t have a problem filling the following ones privately, as people then came directly to me.

I’m currently holding several hundred billion from someone that trusts me unequivocally.

There are still a few of us ancient and trustworthy relics haunting the halls of this place.

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