27M SP Carrier/JF toon

(Da BigBlack Car) #1


P: 123456

starting bid 19.5B

In High Sec, positive sec status, will pay transfer yada yada will follow all rules.

This is an auction until i accept a bid, if i accept a bid it has 24 hours to make good on payment or auction will reopen.

since people are 100m isking. minimuim up bid is 500m

(Casty) #2

bid 19.5b

(Sisa Amatin) #3

19.6 b

(Casty) #4

20b b/o

(Da BigBlack Car) #5

accepted send isk.

(Fryd Zeal) #6

24h passed is the auction reopen now?
20 b offer, isk can be sent before dt

(system) #7

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