44.5m SP Fax,Rorq, JF Pilot

Can Fly
no kill rights
possitive wallet
in Highsec
High-grade Ascendancy pod


Starting Bid 32b

bump up

bump me up

last bump before I get my brains ripped out

Would you accept 25bil for this toon?

32b offer

At work but If no bids by DT I will accept this one


send isk and account name please

is toon still for sale?

I will open bidding up again at dt if no contact form Trade Chee

what type of toon are you looking for I have a good sub-cap toon going up tonight.

sorry didnt get to read the forum, are you still on the deal?

yeah sure you won the last bid before dt

thanks give me 10 min to send u.

no worries. transfer will be cash so it should go through by tonight

iSk send with account name.

got isk no mail with account name yet

mail send

check email Transfer Started