2xT2 BPO 100b buyout - sold

Hi, new post for previous sale with correct account.
They are in Hrober

i take gravimetric ecm for 50,tnx

Ill contract it to you tonight

I’d take the shieldboost Amp for 65 pls

Ill send it over tonight

Still waiting for contract

I didnt check where I did have them stored, moving them to safer space for you. :slight_smile:
Hope to be done tonight, sorry for delay.

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Two are sold, I can give you the lower buyout for the remaining

sure, send em my way

they are contracted to you

All contracts are up

Achura Deteis is a Scammer.

Not sure how I would be scammed on a sales contract I make.

He gets you to make a contract and then never accepts it just to waste your time

Well, so far none of them accepted. Will wait 48h, then release again.

Well, tried to get me to move it… assume its a trap so…
Did a hypernet for the first one :slight_smile: Its up

Ok, no payments, putting them back on the market again.

recontract me the shield boost Amp for 65 b please had some internet issues yesterday

if shield boost amp is still for sale i would take it for 65 too