3 Accounts, Each One Has 2 MCT for a Total of 9 Characters, How Would you Build your Team of 9 to Work Together?

Currently I have 3 accounts and I am trying to make the most out of them for flexible multi-boxing them in a smart way. Let us say I have 2 extra MCT on each of the 3 accounts for a total of 9 characters, of which only 3 can be logged in at any given time. How would you set this up from scratch to setyo a perfect complement of 3 accounts for maximum playing?

My first omega account only has almost all Subcap, Cap and mining capabilities with some research skills.

My second omega account has a miner/reprocesser primary, a full Marauder Paladin secondary, and a cyno/hauler/cloak/salvager/scanner triary.

My third omega has a Scientist/Industrialist primary, and a cyno/hauler/cloak/salvager/scanner secondary.

How would this be made perfect for pvp, pve with maximum potential? A facelift for myy account so to say.

How would you do your own if you had the chance to rewrite your own Eve identity.

You’re starting off with a pretty fuzzy concept, “maximum playing/potential”. Only you as a player can define what maximum is for you. One guy might think it’s having a miner triple with an industrial triple and a hauler/scout group. A PvPer might want 3 PvP triples, set up for different types in different regions.

Someone else might define it as using the 9 chars to cover as many careers as possible. Many other players might exclude mining entirely. Your own playstyle and approach to each career will define your personal best fit.

9 characters is plenty for allowing mining, industrial, trading, hauling, exploration/hacking, PvE and PvP. How you balance those would be a matter of taste.


I would reduce to one account and allow other people to do the rest of work.

Back when CCP first started occasionally giving out small amounts of Omega time, I created a ton of accounts and trained them to use research agents. They all have 5 various research agents accumulating RP that I can redeem for data cores when ever CCP gives out free omega.

As long as I don’t interact with the agents while Alpha, they continue to earn RP at the omega rate and since CCP is almost certain to give out omega a few times a year, I cash out then. All the accounts together earn literal billions of ISK passively a year and require no monetary investment from me to keep it going.

Best passive use of alts I can think of.

6 gankers, 3 scouts


If they are alpha they no longer earn RP passively its an omega only activity now. So if youre gaining some as an alpha then you shouldnt be and CCP might be mad at you.

Now as for my suggestions hmm like Kezrai has stated earlier it is really a personal choice for you to make and not us. That being said Id want to go for the activities you enjoy the most. Basically a primary, secondary and tertiary mode of gameplay. It looks like you are a miner so 2 miners and a support ship would work for one mode. Or an industrial mode with manufacturing and science skills on all three with hauler capabilities for moving products to and from market. For pvp it depends largely on what kind of pvp you want. Large scale, medium scale, small scale, solo? FW? Null? Low? High? But you can do 3 different regions or areas of PVP or supporting accounts there.

How long are you willing to train your accounts? Short term (under a year), medium term (a year or 2) or long term (over 2 years) to achieve said goals?

Again getting ideas is fine but youd have to choose ultimately and because theres so many ways you can put 9 characters together the choices are quite limitless and only bound by your own desires and imagination.

Why not ask Skynet:

Is 3rd account just covert cyno/scanners or recons too for regular cyno as well. Make em really good recons to blast e-war better maybe.

I woke up my cyno account recenty to recon them. They were shake and bake cyno’s from the old days . that got changed while away. Recon is worked up now. e-war and weapons got put on the list too since I have the time on account now. I took the 6 months with 12 mct.

When bored the minmatar cyno can huginn/rapier some webs and paint to aid in pve ventures. Its there to dual box, why the hell not lol.

that many accounts up and if running them…maybe make a fleet booster?

Personally what I do with my accounts is have a spreadsheet where I list what important next tasks or skills they need. I then assign the skills queue to one char in an account for the duration of getting that skill, and move the skills queue to another char when that is done, and so on, in a cycle. I don’t use MCT, rather I tend to use accelerators, and I really don’t think anything is SO urgent that I need multiple training at the same time. It’s not like running multiple accounts isn’t already expensive enough as it is.

I absolutely am earning RP as Alpha, I only lose the ability to earn RP if I interact with the agents while Alpha, which is why I wait until CCP gives out free Omega time.

If CCP gets mad, well that is on them for only checking for Omega status when someone interacts with an agent. As earning RP as an Alpha is not considered an exploit, I’m not worried at all.

Just one of my many accounts. This one isn’t even one of my main RP farm accounts as this one has a few less level 4 R&D agents.

I can take another screenshot tomorrow if you would like in order to show you that the total RP went up.

All PI alts tbh with the ability to fly the crane and PI hauler.

I am a simple man with simple needs. :moneybag: :sunglasses:

Well Ill be. I remember them a few years ago saying it would be an active account only because people had been collecting unsubbed for years and came back and cashed out billions in cores. Hmmm makes me wonder… Color me surprised.

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