30 days training or skill injection

Is it better to skill inject (assuming 400,000 SP per injector) or spend 485 plex on 30 days training?

Training is always much more efficient. You will pay less ISK per SP if you subscribe for a month and train the old fashion way than buying a skill injector and injecting, even at the lowest SP bracket.

Having to wait is the only downside.

i dont mind the waiting, I am just thinking cost to number of SP.

I can get 2 injectors for 1 30 day training session. (well could last i looked at prices)

130 days of training is what, like 7 or 8 million SP? So like 14 or 16 injectors worth?

Definitely much more efficient, but you do have to wait 4 months.

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If you do a little math you can easily find out which suits your needs the best:

Average Training: 2000 SP/hour
Average per Day: 48,000 SP
Average per Month(30 days):1,440,000
485 PLEX = 30 Days
485 * 3.1 mil ISK = 1,503,500,000 ISK
Average ISK/SP = 1503500000 / 1440000 = 1044.1 ISK per SP

Large Skill Injector: 800 mil
L. Skill Injector: 500k SP (max)
L. Skill injector ISK/SP: 800000000 / 500000 = 1600 ISK per SP

Conclusion: It is way more expensive to Skill Inject than it is just to buy Omega time and just train the skills normally. In fact it is 53.24% more expensive. So if you are not in any rush to get the skills you want, you’re better off just taking your time and when you get to your goal you might have saved billions (all relative though).

He was saying ONE 30 day training session. As in you can buy 2 injectors for each month of PLEX.

What you said before is still applicable though.:wink:

Yeah i missed the x inbetween :), but yeah still valid, so I bought 485 plex yesterday to grab the 30 day training.

PLEX vs injectors has always been a matter of if you want it now youll pay a premium for it sort of arrangement like a lot of things in life. Patience is a virtue in Eve like any other place.

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