300 PLEX for Omega - 40% Sale

Unfortunately it is 500 plex at my house … The end was for 11:00 eve time maybe


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Yup it likely ended at DT

My bad ;(


*Gaslight much?

That is some commitment right there. By 2027 you might have the whole game to yourself if it’s still going


ahhh nothing like a good affordable plexing for the next 5 years

this was an awesome sale for SP farmers, if you had a stockpile of idle plex

Considering that SP farming at peak efficiency is currently nearly a billion ISK net negative every month, I doubt it.


Sadly, while it WAS “Affordable Plexing” I doubt it will have any impact to the game in the long term.

Many of us who have been here for a decade AND Double that in a few cases, simply do not care now.

It’s pretty clear that CCP does not hold the upper hand anymore and that control is slowly being handed over to it’s new owners…

The wind of change is blowing stronger… For me personally … In the WRONG direction.

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@Adrian_Vexier hasn’t anyone told you that the magic align time to survive a gatecamp is less than 2 seconds.

Your Atron shows an align time of 2.28 s

I can only imagine how you lost a pod worth 4,436,842,137.63 ISK to a Vigilant.


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Lack of logins. Population, especially during USTZ, is a concern.

Actually mclovin and his alts routinely grab sub 2 align ships there. This would be a better flex for you if you were the one who actually grabbed @Adrian_Vexier Talking smack about one very good player getting caught by another very good player because you are made you missed a plex sale out of spite is not a great look.

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yeah, you’re right. wonder how it became so bad. i remember it being breakeven.

You can’t be this dumb.

That 2.28 sec is WITH MWD, without is it’s very sub 2 seconds. Anyone who isn’t stupid knows that an Atron with just a few istabs is already sub 2 secs, without even having to Simulate the fit or run it through Pyfa.


Like the other turbo-bears who spend all day posting about how ganking needs to be removed from the game, he doesn’t actually play EVE, so there’s no way that he’d know something like that.


As people already told you, that is a sub 2s aligh ship. 1.54s actually.
And I don’t see how that loss has anything to do with this current thread about PLEX and Omega.
I do, however, see how that is a weak attempt at derrayling the subject. Also it is an obvios indication that I live rent-free in your square head. Here, if it makes you feel better, make this assumption: for the duration of this post, just consider that my zkillboard is 98% red instead of green and that I have a bunch of recent multi-billion ISK losses. It still wouldn’t change nor have anything to do with the fact that recentry there was the biggest Omega sale in EVE’s history and some people, including me, took the opportunity, while you, despite knowing about it for at least two days before it ended, just sat on your a5s and let it pass by.

You are right. He’s not just that dumb. He’s even dumber. He’s been playing for more than a dozen years and still can’t use a fit simulator propperly.
And he knew about the sale in discussion here and asked for a link to it as proof, inatead of going himself in the NES, which was 3 clicks away.

He even got salty after it ended, somehow blaming me for his failure to take the sale:

Yes, indeed, the dumb is strong in this one.


I’d be shook as hell if he turned out to be some kind of upper-echelon troll, just because of how remarkably consistent he is at publicly presenting such an aura of incompetence.


Why didn’t I know about this?! Why wasn’t I informed?! No launcher info, no email, no in-game notification! How was the average player even supposed to kbow about this?!

The sale was on for like 3 or 4 days. Plenty of people posted about it and shared the info. Including this post. Calm down and open your eyes and ears next time.

I wish I knew about this. I just miaswd it because I was out on vacation with the family. Damn! One of those times you hate having a fam.

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