34.5m SP Missile / Drones / t2 BC and BS + Marauder


Paladin, armaggedon navy issue, and damnation focused-
Positive sec. stats + lvl 4s with the emperor family
2 Remaps available
No Kill rights for or against
located in HS
< 40 days old


9m in Missiles
5.2m in Drones
Amarr Battleship 5
Command ships 5
3.2b high-grade asklepian pod
4.2b high-grade hydra pod
Lavacore Armaggedon Navy skin

Ok ship cannot be sold with the character. Not sure if thats what you were planning

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17B offer

You want what in the bump? WHAT WHAT IN THE BUMP

Bump bump bump it up

To be honest I just need a elite armor command character… but why are there SPs on Cruise Missiles…?

20b offer

21b offer

25bil final offer for 24h

28b offer.

30bil offer

so much for “final” lol.


cool that yours

Thank you that is a fair offer.

I originally posted at 20m sp and with no reasonable offers I have continued to inject up to 34.5m sp now and have grown quite fond of what my pilot has become. I have spent over 70b on injectors, have over 7b in pods and a 900m skin.

At this point I have little interest in selling and would rather keep for anything less than 50b which is far above the bazaars standard rates. I don’t expect anyone to offer such but will leave this forum open for a few days now that I’ve stated my make me sell price.

Thanks again for the reasonable offer and best regards

35 injectors isnt 70b

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35 injectors also isnt 34m, this account is less than 40 days old, i have spent that getting to where i am over the past 30 something days… its 9 injectors to 5m and then another 70 injectors for 28m sp and then natural train the other 1.5m so at 910m per injector thats 72b

34b offer