38.4m lvl 4 Mission/PvP Toon

Been a very long time since i have sold a toon on the forum so im not entirely sure of prices anymore with all the injectors and what not. Also i am pretty sure i fulfilled all obligations to be able to sell this character. all normal rulles apply, as far as me paying transfer and all that good stuff. obviously taking care of all that. ill run this auction for 72 hours from date of initial post. I actually do have a general sense of the buyout price but I will leave that open and as soon as i get a decent offer ill accept it and im not looking for anything crazy.



  • All CCP Rules apply

  • Has Marauders lvl 5

  • Mainly used for lvl 4’s with Bada** Paladin Fit.

  • 10m in Gunnery

  • 11.5m in Spaceship Command
    Amarr, Gallente &Caldari Frigates all lvl 5

  • HaC’s lvl 4

** Had to Edit, forgot implants and etc.

:aura: +4s all except Charisma and you can see hardwirings in the eve-board as well.

  • 2 JC’s with couple implants in each some +4’s+hardwirings and some +3’s. One is in Null other is in Amarr.
  • Neural Remap Currently Available.
  • Hight standings are currently:

7.67 w/ Court Chamberlain
6.63 w/ Theology Council
5.01 w/ Brutor Tribe

Starting Bid: 15 Billion isk

Reserve: No Reserve

Bid Increments: 1 Billion isk

Buyout: Will accept 1st decent offer

25.0 b

Buyout Reached, In game offer accepted by Annoying Orange for agreed upon amount of 28.5 Billion isk.

isk and account details sent

I have opened a support ticket for PLEX characters transfer ( Loki Their). Waiting for approval.

I actually did this about 6 hours ago.

Got a responce yet?

Toon has been recived

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