3am thoughts about the Triglavians Ecosystem

Consider this:

I think we can see triglavians as an invasive species. On the other hand we might be an invasive species to them. Might apply for drones as well :wink:

I’ve read this article:

And there are some interesting points I would like to discuss

Evolution in Response to an Invader.

I think in eve terms we don’t speak about biological but technical revolution ( new EDENCOM weapon systems… )

Hybridization and Introgression.

Did something like this occur? Trigs are doing weird things on planets, can bioadaptation count as this?

Behavioral and Trait Shifts.

In what ways have populations changed their way of thinking after the Triglavian invasions?
How might we have changed their traits?

In general I would like to add:
An invasive species can change a ecosystem completely in a short timeframe or completely destroy it.
If I think about Trigs and the clades… They seem to be in a “stable” conflict for thousands of years. WHAT IF capsuleers could disrupt this conflict and destroy the balance that has developed over those thousands of years? (for example by siding with one of the clades and destroying the other ones? )
Clearly Trigs have disrupted our species “balance” with the disruption of Traderoutes, but it doesn’t feel like a big disruption and business is going on as usual.


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