3x2004 characters, Possibly eligable for namechange and recustomizable, PriceCheck

I am just wondering what these would be worth.
-*No previous corp history.
-*3 bonus remaps, 1 yearly remap.
-*No deaths.
-*You will be able to customize how these character looks.
-*Potentially be able to change name on the characters. Atleast Kleapatera is, as when I log in, I see “minmatar acitizen 1234134”


What’s the process to renaming and reconfig?

Got an old early 2004 toon, that would love to uodate.

Renaming can be done to characters that have been created and played on for a very short period of time. (and even though you see names on the charactesr, it says "minmatar citizen 2203452352345 ) When I login etc. Also these character was never played on when the whole new avatar was made, so when and if I transfer these characters. They can be recustomizable.

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Anyone knows any kind of value on these characters?

Not much of value really. No market for toons without skillbooks injected and 0 skill points. I could buy arckturus for 3.5B for example. You are late like 3 to 5 years :). Prolly back then you could sell them for 5 to 8B.

Offer withdrawn, name is not mantioned on monument even :(.

I saw offers for a 2003 toon for 28B just a few weeks ago with 3mil SP. So not sure you know whatyou talking about. :slight_smile:

with titan and carrier skillbooks injected and tone of implants. it is possible.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/BloodyBill_Quantrill Had 28B offer. ^^ So your theory does not stand.

There is an auction option you can always put them for sale :).

Just waiting for someone that actually can value them first. So I know where to start. :slight_smile:

Start from 5b make hidden buyout.

I can put 10B on Kleapatera if she can be renamed, and only if she does.

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