4-10s faction drop nerved?

I have noticed that the 4-10 escalations adn normal scanned sites only drop the tier thing atm.
Did CCP nerve the faction loot drop?’
I dont think i saw that but not sure…


Could be a stealth nerf, could be a bug, could be bad RNG. All I know is that I haven’t seen anything in the patch notes. Given that no one else is complaining however, makes me suspect that it’s probably just bad RNG.
No P2W

The past 10+ 4/10 Escalations i only got the tier thing as well.
No faction loot at all.

No idea if it is a bug, stealth nerf or just extremly bad RNG.
But it was never that bad before.

So no idea what’s going on.

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If you’ve only completed a dozen its most likely bad luck

my last guri 4/10 dropped c-type medium shield booster , c- type invuln , and one each of the c-type shield amps … :open_mouth:

Yes.(opinion)They basically made. Faction bpcs a uncommon drop since. It takes an arm and a leg to make the faction cruisers and stuff

Going out of the last 20 5 of 10s Out of the 20, 15 drops dropped. Ship BPC follow by Unfavored Dead space mods An with. 1-2 Times dead space adaptive invulnerable field.

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