4 toons 4 maraurders... what can i do?

So the topic says it all…
right now i run missions with them each in a marauder but looking to expand my isk/hr.

Any recommendations?

Rainbow paintjobs, bust up the first gate camp you find that you feel like you can take, while randomly speaking in Esperanto between your four characters in local.


Jump in a cruiser and run tier 5 Abyssals.

Not really. You’ve kinda hit the end of the “Leveling My Raven” treadmill.

Try some new PvE? Invasions? Incursions? Abyssal Filaments?

Get out of highsec? Do some industry?

New Eden is your oyster.

Thanks for the rec. I looked into industry and one alt does the T2 stuff. but none of it seems to be profitable much for what i have been able to make, zealots seemed to lose money if you bought mats from buy orders, i do some market pvp with higher end items but as it is, I like how you put it as hit the end of the treadmill. lol!
Main reason i am looking for something is i am getting repetitive stress syndrome and heavy mouse shoulder managing so much. not to mention i lose them when i forget to turn stuff on when kids are crying.

With newborns cant really play long stretches so been trying to do something less intensive so perma tank paladin level 4 works good.

Seems like abyssals are a good idea. Thanks for the feedback.

Lol i already talk to myself… so maybe this could be effective. Ill need to prolly have a carrier nearby to hot drop them. but feels like it could cost a lot of isk for not much productivity. possibly when i get some more throwaway ships :smiley:

sell than , you will make like 8 bil in less than a hour

Careful, that’s not something that you can get up and walk away from on a whim. Be prepared to sit glued to the screen for 10-20 minutes every time you drop.

Also, don’t start with tier 5 right away. Work your way up from doing tier 1 in a T1 cruiser, or tier 2 in a HAC, to get a proper feel of it.

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Good point… i will have to do when the kiddos are asleep so i can hide in my cave. thank you. Hopefully they are good isk and a fair challenge.

I recommend you stop calling characters ‘toons’

Next you’ll be asking about ‘guilds’ to join, and ‘potions’ to take!

e: I realise that was probably unnecessarily snarky, apologies

Honestly, I would consider selling one of those marauders and using that capital as a base from which to start station trading - that is what I did, and I have not looked back since :slight_smile:

Station trading? Better to biomass than live in that hell.

LOL. I love calling em TOONS XD. You are right i should consider a guild or maybe make booster potions eh? hehehe. kidding. Corp was considered and seriously am but i dont feel i could pull my weight given my RL sitaution but i would still like to be apart of the eve scene and play t he bigger game when kids are older and life is simpler… if it still exists.

I have two spare paladins and a enough seed capital to do markets but man, like the good (wo)man Xeux said…

i have played it and its fun but i trade when i work and that’s a lot of trading for the day.

You don’t need to make booster potions - the Dungeon Masters hand them out for free.

You could try out escalations. People run combat sites and every once in a while get an escalation - they are often interested in selling those escalations to somebody multiboxing Paladins who can clear them out efficiently. I have heard that it is good money.

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Wow. That is a good idea. I had never thought of that one. thank you.
Maybe ill make a friend or two at that rate too. Could use meeting people with the lock down here.

Try ratting in Nulsec. I joined a null corp/alliance after plateauing in Hisec and doubled my isk/hr in the first few weeks with very little investment.

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