I lost my Paladin, what now?

Returning player after a 6 year absence. I’ve had a bad couple of days, tried the Minmatar event and got twice ganked and podded for my trouble, and now SOMEHOW rats destroyed my Paladin from 2012.
The question is what now? more missions? switch to something else? I have 400mil and to be honest i’m feeling pretty discouraged by all these losses. This is rambling, any ideas for a Lvl4 mission ship for caldari space?

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My proposal, take a cheap scan frig into wormholes or nullsec and hack pirate relic sites, make cash from loot, and then buy a Tengu or Loki for missioning. Maybe you are keeping with scanning, because it gives much more than missions. :wink:

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Praxis it is.


Yeah, a praxis is quite affordable, and can be fit multiple ways. So, it should be able to get you back up and running. However, you might want to take a good look at what you’re doing wrong, so you don’t end turning that praxis into another lossmail.

Anyway, if you want some tips on how not to get ganked, check out the “how not to be ganker bait” section hyar.

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

And remember…

Oh, and here are few important changes that you should probably know about. Obviously, a lot more has changed, but this is the stuff that seems to catch a lot of people off-guard.

  • Resists were nerfed with the Surgical Strike update, so old fits might no longer have enough tank for the same content that you used to throw at them.
  • Forward Operating Bases spawn “diamond rats” (there is a diamond at the beginning of their name) in the same system that they spawn in. These rats are much more dangerous than other rats, so you might want to give them a wide berth unless you know what you’re doing. You can check to see if a system has a FOB by looking in the new Agency window.
  • Triglavian rats are another type of new and dangerous rat that can even spawn on gates in HS. They spawn in minor trig victory systems, and certain systems that can spawn wormholes to a new area of space called pochven. You can set the routeplanner to avoid minor trig victory systems, but that can cut you off from various sections of space. Moreover, you can still get caught by trigs in systems with trig wormholes. Thus, you best bet is to get positive standings with them. It’s quick and easy. Here’s a guide.
  • You left before upwell structures were introduced, but I guess I should still mention it. If you go on break again, you should not leave your stuff in an upwell structure. If they go unfueled for too long, they will enter the abandoned state, and asset safety will turn off. At that point, you’d lose all your stuff if the structure was then destroyed. So, put your stuff in an NPC station before taking a long break.
  • Brokers Fees have been dramatically increased. So, trying to engage in the 1 isk war will quickly drain your bank account. Fees and taxes aren’t so bad that you should never change your orders, but updating too frequently will eat your lunch.

Okay, I think that’s all the big stuff. Oh, you might also want to check out the abyss (new PvE content). As far as I’m concerned, it beats running missions. You can find a billion tutorial videos online. Just be aware that many people will exaggerate incomes for clicks.

Welcome back!
No P2W


Thanks for the reply’s. this is my first time posting in the forums, my toon is from 2009 yet only has 67mil skillpoints. I took my Paladin into .05 space for better mission rewards. I was fighting guristas in “the assault” last room and ran out of cap while in bastion mode. I looked over my personal assets andi have a Praxis. seeing as i im fighting guristas i will cruise missile fit it. In the future should i return to Marauders or take something else, like CNR?

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Marauders without doubt. But you may get a cheaper faction BS in between. Which races do you fly?

I have all races but Minmatar however, Caladari BS is still at 4 so no Golem.

the moral of your story and many like it are… dont fly marauders in true high sec. find a high sec island in low sec and run missions there.

I my self lost my paladin due to a power surge… warped in and as i was about to start the mission only thing i did do was activate the bastion module and 2 minutes later a pod.

oh well them the brakes lol.

What now? The answer is simple: Be reasonable and do the right thing, play the game as intended by the developers and buy :credit_card: PLEX in the CA$H shop to recover your loss & get revenge! :wink:


Lmao :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

So, you may consider the Rattlesnake(gurista), Nighmare(Sansha) and Barghest(Mordus Legion) allong with all navy battleship you have skill for. Again, I’m only mentioning those for being somewhat cheaper than marauders, being able to use bastion module is a huge advantage.

“no Golem” is not something I’d worry about. Most often then not, what people point as “best in his class” is just flavor of the month. (Between several characters, I can fly pretty much anything subcapital. Some race may have a small edge here and there and that is it.)

Send me a message in-game we can talk about you running missions in relative safety…

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