40M Amarr/Gallente PVP/PVE


HAC5 / AF5
Amarr/Gallente frig/destr/cruiser 5
Awesome gunnery skills
Perfect drone skills
Amazing Engineering skills
Mindblowing Armor skills
Good shields skills

Positive wallet and clean corp history. No kill rights. In NPC space. I pay transfer fee.
starting from 39B.

Nice name. I’ll start you with 30 B offer.


32 bil

33 B offer

Thank you bois but I dont need offers lower than 39B.
I know how to use skill extractors.

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maybe not, you would make 32b by extracting this toon

33.5b bin

37 bil

39B Offer

40B Ready to trade at any time

41 bil

now at 40M (1M unallocated). Bumpy bump, will wait 2 more days and let it go.

41b ready

42B Ready to trade at any time

Hi. tomorrow if no other bids you’ll be a winner of this toon.


44 bil

46 bil


49 bil