45 mill sp player looking for home in Stain area

Been around since 2004, semi casual player. Black out in Null brought me back this time. Skilled up for T3, coverts, exploration on current toon I am using. Prefer to scout or do small gang PVP roams. I make my money on WH’s and other scanning gigs. Prefer a Corp on good terms with GOOD SAX as I would rather not Pew Pew my old Corp mates. I have some tengu’s and Cloaky ships up in stain atm. Play mostly in the morning weekdays USA west coast time and evenings weekends.

Down side, due to medical reasons I can not currently use TS, I can listen I just can not talk (on the upside my wife loves my situation at the moment, so I am told. LOL) so I can listen in on roaming groups just have to type my coms in while on roam. I also have job, wife and kids so real life far out weighs computer time in my world.

why not join your old corp mates back in sax?? If you want to be on good terms with them

LOL, would love to but they have a TS policy and the croaking noises I currently make do not mesh well. Only reason I left in the first place was I needed to take a break for medical reasons.

ah gotcha that’s understandable. Good luck on your search! Also hope you get well soon with whatever is up medically

Thanks mate. The stumbling block seems to be my inability to use TS. Understandable but a bit frustrating to be honest.

probably the prevalence of spys and without chatting with you it’s hard to have a vote of confidence. If you understand what I’m saying. I had two cousins who had the same character last names because they wanted to start the game together kinda with similar naming schemes get kicked out of EVE Uni because they thought the entire set of toons were alts. When in fact it was just two cousins.

Having no mic is kinda the same situation. It’s hard to work with it until you work with/around it. Is stain the only region you’re looking into working with?

I understand the whole spy aspect, and it is understandable but none the less a wee bit frustrating, lol. Not married to the idea of stain, would just make it a bit easier logistics wise as my all my ships are up that way, nothing I could not sell of at a profit lol. I been contacted by a couple Corps in Hi-sec but not my flavor.

let me send you an in game mail. with some potential groups. Would rather you play the game then quit is my view. I’ll be on later today EST around 8-9pm potentially to send that to you. On work lunch break now.

No chance of me dropping the game, I am not in any great hurry and happy to play solo awhile while I resort how things work and what has changed. I just shot you a email from my main toons account in game.

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