5.1m sp 2007 char

looking for a good offer. 5.1m sp. b0rn 2007. corp history (2)
player corp before a sale. 1 remap available.
No kill rights
no assets
all contacts,mail, and agent info removed
positive wallet
docked in Jita 4-4

pw 12345

looking at offers until 4/8 (sunday).
Looking for 4.5b minimum.

5b buyout.

How many remaps doch you have available or when ist the next one?

remap is available now, so (1) remap. No date on another.

i offer 3b




In game offer of 4b. cleared assets etc… docked in jita 4-4.


Offering 4.3b

sold for 4.3b.
contact this char. via evemail with the account to transfer to.

Sending ISK and account details shortly.

EDIT: Both sent.

transfer initiated.

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