5.7M SP Sabre Piolet

Sabre piolet
No Kill Rights
Positive Wallet
Located in in High Sec


Starting at 5B

will b/o tonight

right now 5b bid

Hi Spicey, thanks for your bid. apologies I have only just seen it

I can send isk in 4-5 hours when I’m online if you accept my bid. I’ll mail you in game with information on account and such

Hi Spicey, i’ll accept your offer of 5b if you are still interested.

I am but will not be able to do anything until tomorrow due to holidays

no problem, message in here once you have sent the isk and drop me a mail with the account to transfer too and I will do it as soon as I can

still wanting this Spicey?

still available

bump up up up

4 bil

Hi, I’d like to offer 4.2 billion

Close to what i’m after, up to the top

B/O 4.75 billion

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