50% for 3 month of OMEGA + 3 MTC offer: it's gone!?

You guys are addicted to drama.


Most posts are part of the “Jita Shore”, the space opera version of ‘Jersey shore’. :slight_smile:


I’ve had the same thought. I’m perfectly happy to pay for my subscription and use my in-game income for other purposes but need some incentive to do so. My “anchor” was set years ago when they offered 12 months for $99 at least once a year. Anything more than that still feels like too much unless they sweeten it with MCT or a fancy skin like Sariel’s Flames.

I understand enough marketing to know that promotions need to be good enough to entice people to buy without being so good that you’re leaving money on the table but CCP needs to shift anchor points and those of us who remember half price Galaxy Packs aren’t likely to pay full price for the new ones!

You do understand there is a thing called inflation right?

After reviewing the thread, I’m just going to leave it closed.

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