Dear CCP ♦ Please Change This

Can you please have a sale on OMEGA only? I have ZERO interest in MCT…ZERO!


…and allow multiple purchases of skills.


Black and white = no fun…


It’s not really about you though, is it. Others like it and use it.

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So, you argue that I’m the only one that feels this way?

I like how it periodically tells me there are special offers available (just for me!) and then it’s always just a bunch of overpriced SP for a character that has largely run out of things to train.


This is the perfect way to start a new sales campaign.



Reminds me of when CCP charged $20/mo for MCT for each additional slot on an account… of which only 1 character could be online at a time…

…and you could just start a 2nd account for $15/mo and have 2 characters online at once.

Some serious Lead in the water in Iceland.

The fact that they LIMIT sales of anything is insane. IF I was a shareholder of the parent company, I’d have some serious questions.

Also, it’s ridiculous that MCT like this can only be used on your account and not traded on the market. Same goes for FOMO skins and SP. MAKE IT TRADEABLE. Is this a sandbox or not?


Here’s a thought experiment: Do you think that if those offers would allow for repeatable purchases, they’d be as good in terms of pricing and content?


Well the issue can be solved by either moving your pilot to another account that had not yet unlocked that gold pass.

Or start a new pilot would be my choice.

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I’m surprised people still don’t understand the opportunity of paying a one-time payment of MCT to have multiple useful Omega characters for the price of one subscription versus having to pay multiple subscriptions for as long as you use those characters for.

Yes, in the short term MCT is more expensive, but once those alts have skills you only pay one subscription instead of two or three.

I’m surprised people don’t see the purpose of ‘limited sales’ which can tempt people who otherwise would not have bought anything to buy a pack that can have a lot more value for it’s price than similar packs due to it’s limited nature.

First hit is free, or discounted and preying on your FOMO in this case.


Just like crack.

Nothing’s free.

The MCT deals are geared at SP farming imo or building up alts to a useable status and then discontinuing training. In regard to SP farming you can sub your account and MCT the other 2 characters as well. It depends on the prices on the accounts but you can literally make it a passive isk source for an account. So say your main on that account PvPs and you want to not have to grind you can just SP farm your other character slots and bank the profit to buy ships and gear for your main.

Sure it takes a bit more brain power to do math and market skills to make it work.

Someone could argue there is always a sale on omega time via long term purchase, I for example pay £9 a month for eve but I get the 2 year subscription, I do however echo your disinterest in any pack containing MCT especially so now they are BOA and we cant even sell them on the market, but as mentioned, if it doesn’t interest you it probably isn’t targeted at you.

The Skill packs are slightly different and still clearly in an experimental phase, CCP has to balance between those of us that want to buy them direct from CCP and others that don’t want us to be able to, so far CCP has done this by limiting them to once per account but after a year or so they seem to change the name slightly and re list it for sale, thus you can buy them again. I suspect they will do this a few times before they get the balance right.

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OP: Judging from the character marketplace threads I’ve seen, CCP Games lets people sell their pilots to themselves.

No idea if this is intended/permitted but I remember a guy shuffling his character across two or three accounts.

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haha ya i know a guy who sell his own character to himself like 5-6 times

Yes, I did this exact same thing but before it was a straight $20 for transfer you used to be able to do it for PLEX or $20, then they got rid of the PLEX option and made it a straight fee instead.

You still, afaik, have to make a thread in Marketplace, “selling” the account though which I thought was rather odd. But CCP does weird things sometimes.

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…and continue to have to pay for 2 accounts at $15/mo in perpetuity, as opposed to paying for 1 account with 2 characters and cutting your expenses by 1/2.

Just because you fail to understand the benefit of paying for 1 account vs paying for 2, doesnt mean theres something wrong with Iceland.

I think you should apologize to the poor people of iceland for your stupidity.

Yes. And every time i go to the store and they have a sale that says “limit 5 per customer” i always think “WTF this is insane, its almost as if theyre luring me in to the store to buy this at a loss, so that i would go around and buy and look at other things.” Its insane how stores like Walmart and Loblaws dont have shareholders who are questioning them on this. Insane.

Transparency reasons. If you act as the character before transfer as you do after, you could be reported for impersonation. So its a transparency thing

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Good point, fine sir.

Continuing the discussion from Welcome to the Character Bazaar:

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He was talking about transferring a character to another of his own accts. I think impersonating yourself is permitted.

I used to consolidate accts all the time before it became a cash grab. And I never once posted in the bazaar that I was selling myself one of my own characters.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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