Dear CCP ♦ Please Change This

Ok, dont buy it then.

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I guess you didn’t take the time to read the OP.


Did you? because not buying it is the full solution to the post.

They’re asking CCP for a sale on Omega only. It was the first sentence of their post, the sentence that you omitted in your quote. That is the solution they are asking for. They are already aware of their freedom of choice. I hope this helps you understand this simple matter.


Perfectly spoken :heart_decoration:

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It’s your lucky day OP, a plex and omega flash sale!

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No, she is complianing about the offerings.

Even if she was complaining ( which she is not ) so what of it? She’s not asking anything from you. Quit being an old man.

time for her to find world of warcraft where golden ammo is available