50's Slang Thread

(FlipMoe Squad) #1

What’s buzzin’ cuzzin’, or should i say, What’s your tale nightingale?
We gotta run the Squares out of Fat City. Are you hip slim?

Just a fun thread to act like an eve style 50’s greaser …you dig?

Resources for 50’s slang available.

Please avoid the trolling all you clydes.

The like and get likes thread
Eve = Safe
[MERC] Public-Enemy
(FlipMoe Squad) #2

http://fiftiesweb.com/pop/1950s-slang/ - reference material.

combs hair into jellyroll style.

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(Tikari Ishin) #5

Hey odd ball, this thread is fat city so I’ll be your paper shaker for a post but don’t get frosted if it’s the only one I make.

(FlipMoe Squad) #6

First reply…King Cat of Flip City. +1 Daddio. Feel free to post appropriate gifs or memes…Jacks or Janes…I won’t complain…stay frosty o/

My weed(smokes) got crushed in my shirt shoulder…downer city.

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(FlipMoe Squad) #8

Yes my Jack’s and Janes. McCarthy wants to take our wheels , let’s peel out . I’ll clue you about what’s going down.
I got the jets and I’m jazzed. We can hand out knuckle sandwiches to our conformist squares.


(Khergit Deserters) #9

Q: What did June say to Ward the next morning?
A: "Ward, don’t you think you were a little hard on the Beaver?"
Sorry, only a few old Americans will get that joke. Also, if you did get it, sorry.:flushed: