The random rant/off-topic thread

Every single thread eventually devolves into random off-topic blabber.

This thread is supposed to give people a medium through which they can blow off that steam.

Please, feel free to discuss things like business theory, the definition of a sandbox, prime meat cuts, fervent feminists or personal hygiene here, so other threads can be left to their own respective topics.

@Jayce_Fitzpatrick you’re wrong and I think you are stupid, you’re ugly, and I hate you


P.S. The feminist reference… so sad there was a need to bring that up :facepalm:

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Archer stole my potatoes.

Yeah, that one was a bit of a yikes.

However as mentioned, had very little relevance to the actual thread topic. To be honest though, like the last 50 posts in the moderation thread had very little to do with forum moderation.

It’s just @Darlo_Kubika getting triggered and triggering people.

That was meant to be a bit tongue in check, turns out it was more foot in mouth but hey ho.

@Jayce_Fitzpatrick Dude you better untag him before you end up cloning that thread into TWO forum-regulars-bitching-at-each-other-threads. Barstorlode unofficially has permitted one such thread to exist to keep everything under his watchful eye and supervision, but he won’t have the patience for another. Even if he did… let’s go easy on Bastylody and not make life any more difficult for him

@Destiny_Corrupted let’s get down make love by the fire

@Jonah_Gravenstein OP did discuss hygiene as a possible topic. My foot hygiene is fine. Hygiene-wise I’m okay with foot in mouth. Not really my thing but as far as hygiene is concerned I’m A-Okay! with it.

I mean, the idea is that the off-topic stuff from the moderation thread to end up here. I’d be fine if ISD’s actually moved stuff into here, like they do with the AFK cloak thread.

Basically, we need an AFK cloak thread for off-topic rants.

Foot in mouth?

I seem to have a slightly different problem…


That’s actually an interesting idea. “Main forum regulars bitching thread”

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@Foggy_Bernstein @Jonah_Gravenstein

The discussion of eve players dating life is perfectly suited to this thread. Feel free to discuss your feelings towards each other here.

I’m not shaving my arse for anybody :stuck_out_tongue:

A little manscaping never hurt anyone.

@Destiny_Corrupted logging on my alt now brb

Is that one of the ones you made to use to vote for yourself in the next CSM election?


Rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb

Aka Student ISD thread, where new and upcoming ISD members can check who to watch out for



Yeah, I unintentionally reset the clock; my apologies to anyone I offended.

@Foggy_Bernstein, thanks for taking me to task for my inappropriate comment in the other thread. I deserved that reminder that my sense of humour can sometimes be seen as being offensive.

I didn’t intend to appear to hate on women as a group nor did I intend to offend.

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