Proposal: The ISD could could use their own section on this forum

Hya Capsuleers!
How’s life?

Ok, so I have been watching and participating in a lot of threads on this forum for a while and the ISD has been noticable in a lot of them. I’m reasonably sure that my propensity to go off topic (at best) has been part of their rather thankless job.
Today I saw that a thread I am in had been edited and quite possibly for good reason, and that got me thinking. This is usually bad, but in this case it could be a lot of fun.
The ISD has a list of rules that they use to contain everything from our enthusiasm to our rather nasty vicious side, and as a result a lot of stuff gets pulled from threads for a lot of different reasons.
My idea is this:
Wouldn’t it be fun if the stuff that gets ganked by the ISD from the thread it was in wasn’t deleted outright (except in the case of the truly disgusting stuff) but instead was piped into a thread of its own named for the reason it was removed in the first place?
Topics would be based on their rules, minus the ones like racism or… I’m not sure what else, but you get the idea.
Each of these threads would just be a collection of what was pulled from any other thread for that specific reason and appended with no transition as it showed up in it’s original context.
I would, I think, show up fairly often in “Off Topic” and hopefully not in things like “Being An Ass” which isn’t in the rules yet but if I keep it up could be soon.
Basically what I’m after is a sort of “Best of the ISD” section of this forum, with everything from trolls gone wild to some of the more astonishing rants, and examples of people just coming unhinged for the hell of it. When we trigger the ISD and force them to do stuff it’s often really funny, strange, and sometimes quite educational or in my case, totally off topic.
Personally I think the hilarity would be the best part, I have seen people I dislike intensely say things that were profoundly true (and I learned to like them better as a result), serious people lose the ability to keep a straight face, I have seen trolls get out trolled, and I have seen sane people become incandescent with rage at typographical errors all to vanish into /dev/null at the hands of the ISD.
I think that the ISD have a terrible job, and yet at times it has to be done, so what I would like to see is for them to have a place where they can take a thread, fork out the stuff that doesn’t belong in it into it’s respective slot, and have it not vanish forever, but have it instead become something interesting, maybe useful, but hopefully (and this is important) really really fun.
Sometimes we torture them, I think they should have a vent. A vent we can comment on.

What could possibly go wrong?

Oh, one last thing, don’t make it recursive or the servers will crash.

Cheers, and fly poorly, someone wants to kill you and make themselves happy.


I’m just going to stare at you until you realize how bad an idea this is.


ISD Dorrim isn’t against it…

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Consider it does not equal Will do it.

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oh i know… I didn’t say you were for it… just that you weren’t totally against it…

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Your eyes will dry out.

It could be seriously funny, I’m not suggesting using it like a wall of shame or anything, but some of the most amusing stuff in these forums happens when people go off topic for whatever reason and things devolve into silliness, outrageous proclamations, and long-winded tirades. You guys have to weed all this stuff out, but some of it’s worth keeping in some form or another.
Maybe the best approach would just be something like “The Best of the ISD” or something, maybe with names scrambled on some of the less rational bits.

Meanwhile I’m going to wait for Brisc to go blind, that’s pretty fun too, though I figured it would happen for a very different reason.


I like the idea actually. But being educative is not really ISD s strong ace … having humour neither… esp new players really have to dip into and try and fail to learn the rules “ use commen sense “ kind of suggestions has no value and function at all most of the time … because its a very multicultural envirement . Whose common sense ? I can say many scandinavian people makes sometimes extremely sexist looking jokes and no one bothers because its pretty egalatarian country and sexism is in the lvl of sign of being primitive and not different that joking about cavemen … so cavemen doesnt get offended… but if that joke coming from a man from somewhere you know exactly they are very discriminative then … you know it does no good mean …
Other thing is some players has zero insight about what is ok what is not in eve online… like i know someone who couldnt wrap his head around that if someone ask PLEX from him ingame … and he had no ingame plex neither amount of isk to to buy it … only way was buying it with real life money… and he got punished because of “he told someone you are asking real life money from me” similair to that there is many things not only new players even some olders have no idea .

I have made a post once… to question how ISD or GM evaluate some “no go “ write ups in forums … i woud like to learn criterias their answer was you cannot discuss about these … this is definately contradictory with FAQ sections existence reason .

So they dont really help people learn their criterias. In whole text we can guess which exatly can be taken as offense ? …so it cause easily people think like …the decisions are absolute personal, arbitrary and depends on their perspectives. Guidlines are only general frames … what they do is totally their thing. They are nothing but players like us . they give you standart list like ranting …flaming… but at the same time they close their ayes some very strong reactions and let it pass… my common sense and my professional perspective says NO! They say ok … why ? No answer no reasonable explanation . Faq section is not structured enough

Thats why your suggestion has no good for them
Im sorry
I did suggest CCP some courses about communication skills for their GMs and ISDs.they need it .hell even some CCP need that ( not the ones in community team but community team members need definately different kind of support for the stress they are handling and i hope company already providing this for them)

It would not be a wall of shame, some of Eve’s most important & in-sighting posts end up getting deleted off the Eve-O forums. I’d suggest that forum area would most certainly take over as the main Eve-O area.

Reminder that when T20 & other CCP’r/CSM/ISD cronists as well as CCP’s botting additction first hit Eve-O they were all initially deleted & to various levels their posters banned from the forum, I have a char banned from the forum for truthing too much.

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