ISD problem

Screenshot by Lightshot probably this post is going to get utterly removed but can someone explain why this particular ISD guy just decide to not listen to the guy above, after he reported multiple time lucas insulting him personaly, and just perma block the post ?

Hello ? do you even scroll up and see whot’s going ? because only you have to do was just remove all lucas post and topic would be fine

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That whole thread was ripe with controversy, I would have locked it too.

Should lock this one as well.

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To be fair, I edited the post and added that comment after he locked the post.

I also made this post a while back with the request to be able to just Completely hide posts from users , did not even get a reaction from CCP or ISD because I really tried to ignore the constant insults

That guy even followed me to discord to get even more under my skin and accuse me of child abuse for no reason other than to get a reaction…

And now he got exactly what he wanted, getting a thread locked about a topic he didn’t like. And I’m also responsible for it because I let me bait into a discussion in the end.

I think I’m done with this forums. You can keep the abusive toxic trolls though.


For the record @Tiger_space_Thedark I was not the only one chucking the odd insult here and there in that thread, so don’t sit there pretending I’m the only person responsible for the content in that thread.

I go out of my way to remain civil in any dicussion, but once people start attacking me (on multiple platforms no less) I won’t sit there and take it in silence.

I didn’t “follow” you, we were both in thesame community channel and you’d rage out on the forums hen go over there to lob attacks back and fort betwen yourself and sol. Tagging me in them notifies me. I also made no such accusation against you.

This is already a feature of Discourse. Go to someone’s profile and click the dropdown on the top right.

No, you will still see that he replied to your post.


Like he just did once again

I did just that for months, and for months nothing happened and he was allowed to constantly insult me. I also already noted above why the mute/ignore function is useless. Sorry, but this just isn’t working. And yes I’m an idiot for getting baited into a discussion anyway in the end and I’m sorry for that.

Having reviewed the latter part of the thread prior to closing, it violated several rules, in particular overstepping the inappropriate mark by some degree which had to be removed. There was a lot of to and fro between both set of users hence why the approach was to close the thread as it derailed massively and as already noted above, quite controversal.

There are options to mute/ignore other posters (see above post) and I would also recommend not getting involved by responding and just step away. If they still harrass then you can certainly flag these and they will be looked into with appropriate action taken if deemed necessary.

As this thread discusses moderation, I will close.

Thanks for understanding and fly safe o/

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