58M SP Rorqual/Indy/Niddy Pilot

(Blood Empress Sarikusa) #1

My master has chosen to sell me.

My info can be viewed at: Blood Empress Sarikusa

Positive Wallet, Sec Status, and no kill rights.

Located in Jita 4-4.

All other CCP rules apply.

Starting bid 45B…

Buy out hidden.

Edit: Anything under 45B will be considered a free bump.



(Gattanera) #3

40 bil

(Blood Empress Sarikusa) #4


(Blood Empress Sarikusa) #5

45B b/o bumpy

(Sark Dahma) #6

45b buyout

(Tyree Crowder Severasse) #7

55 bil?

(Blood Empress Sarikusa) #8

Nothing heard from either offer…44B B/O today only. Otherwise will be extracted and biomassed.

(Zavara) #9

I will offer 38b based on extractor pricing

Goodluck woth sale

(Huntress Aya) #10

I’ll take her at 44b.

Got to head to work but should be back in about 8 jours and I’ll start the transfer of isk then if that’s cool?

(Blood Empress Sarikusa) #11

Go for it huntress. Send isk and account details. I haven’t heard from the others so she’s yours.

(Huntress Aya) #12

Isk and details sent

(Blood Empress Sarikusa) #13

Isk and account information received. Character transfer has been initiated.

(system) #14

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