5e D&D Wednesdays 9:00am

I hope I am not breaking a rule by recruiting for 5E D&D campaign. 1st level. 2 more players needed. Weekly. First time DM roll 20. Wednesday 9:00am roll 20 Eastern Standard Time. You do not have to be blue in EVE to join. I am 58 y/o. You can E mail via EVE if you wish. Here is a link.
D&D 5e - Google Docs

dude, if you’re posting on the eve forums, use EVE time, eg: Greenwich Mean or Zulu.

Saying Eastern Standard Time means nothing. EST Australia? US? what?

I’ll assume USTZ, which is 1AM in Sydney and 14:00 in EVE.

I can’t make it. as much as i’d like to.

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