63m char Sold

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wallet 0 isk
no assets
positive security status
no kill rights
npc corp
in hisec space.

1 bonus remap available.

I will pay the transfer fee.
Starting bid 30B.

30B offer

I can offer 33b.

bids noted. daily bump.


Still for to Sall ???

40 bil BO

I accept. Send ISK and account name so I can start transfer.

back to on sale.
Will sell to first who offers 40B.


35B 。。。

35 b offer

BO 40b please contact me for details

I accept. Please send ISK and account name so I can initiate the transfer

can you short pm me for account name. seems i didn´t got the message feature after basic status yet. Might have some additional time delay.

ISK Sent. Account Name in Transaction Text (to see Transaction Text - Hover over Transaction to see the Text)

This character is being transferred to requested account.
Thank you for purchase and enjoy it.

Transfer Done.