68.5mil Subcap toon


Payment will goto: Boss Tanaka

Things to note:
68,405,591 SP
157,205 Unallocated SP
Yearly Remap: 1
Bonus Remap: 1
Sec Status: -0.9
Bounty: 4.2 billion

Long story about the bounty. But its a big one. Idk if that hurts the resale value.
I have a good idea what this toon is worth and plan on selling it 48 hours after the highest bid that i like.

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51 bil

52 bil

53 bil

4 hour bump.

Current Bid: Xiongyiyan with 53b.

44 hours till bid close.

Sorry, didnt know what that option meant when it asked to hide it. Standings should be open now =)

8 hour bump.
Current Bid: srawesome with 54b.

40 hours till bid close.

just fyi your going to get this thread locked by bumping more then once every 24 hours

Iā€™m to impatient.

Winning bid is for 54b by srawesome. Please eve mail Boss Tanaka with payment and account name =)

If you send the payment and account name in the next 4 hours I can do it instantly. After that I will be at work for 10 hours =)

I am assuming @srawesome is revoking his bid due to him deleting all his posts.

@xiongyiyan are you still interested at 53b?

Sorry I have find another

all good.

@3body_ETO are you still interested at 52b?

sry i bought another

@w16311 are you still interested at 50b?

edited after trade complete

Send a message to Boss Tanaka with account name and payment.

If you can do it in the next 2 hours I can do it instantly. After that I will be at work for 10 hours.

Can do, but Im still waiting for Logan Lahahana (linked skillboard character) to confirm its for sale and would rather transfer the isk to the character which is being sold as usual.

Confirmed =)

isk and account info sent to Logan Lahahana