Wts 12.2m toon


docked n orvolle in Placid near dodixie

has capital ships skill book injected

Drones V

leme know if ya’ll need more information in the reply box

bid price minumim starting at 8 bill and higher

Good Morning. Offering 6B - Hes got a sturdy jawline.

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ill take it if no one else comes on to counteroffer. i sent you a mail ingame from Brian Kane Szymczak. my other main.



Would like to know how much the first guy bid before I make my decision

the other guy bid 6bill but i asked for 8bill minimum in my post. however ill let the offer in my original post slide since the value of characters and isk changes so much over time.

offer 6.2bill :slight_smile:

sold as soon as u have time :slight_smile: you meaning SUzan Kuvira

bump leme know if im bumping too much guys

hey its varu speaking. i initiated the transfer but i never took the money our of the character. can you send it to my alt or something. the alt is Brian Kane Szymczak

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