7 Days Ago

(Parious MeHoff) #21

I believe I still have a thrasher somewhere fitted out with salvage tackle and tractor beams. I might even have a salvacane somewhere…

(Arsia Elkin) #22

Salvage destroyers are very common though. I’ve got salvage-fit coercers in multiple locations and know others who do as well.

(Deitra Vess) #23

Salvacane just sounds like overkill, why’d ya go with that if ya don’t mind me asking?

(Parious MeHoff) #24

It was back in the day before Noctis class vessels. Hurricanes can fit a full rack of salvagers and tractors, and it has a decently large cargo hold. It was overkill, but it was fun.

(Arrendis) #25

Heck, I’ve got a Salvacane sitting in Perimeter II-1. Used to use it when I lived in J114026. Tough enough to handle some trouble long enough to get saved, and capable of fitting the full rack of 4/4. And you know, it’s an old enough ship that it carries large salvage rigs.

(Deitra Vess) #26

@Parious_MeHoff @Arrendis

Really? Honestly only heard of people using the thrashera few other destroyers for that role. I would think with a cargo expander it’d be similar but then again, expanders on a hurricane would be alot of cargo space. Hmm, learned something new.

The rig thing makes sense however, but that could be with any battlecruiser.

(Ministries Pellion) #27

Hold on I’m taking notes…

(Ministries Pellion) #28

I’ll remember that, @Arcterus2, tho you weren’t the ganksta, I was referring to. :slight_smile:

@Toki_Smok The Great One is unknown to me. Can you tell me more about The Great One? Is s/he a fashion designer? Cause I’m not familiar with a designer by that name…perhaps, The Great One is an entertainer?

@Arrendis I used the description most familiar to my readers to describe the geographic region in the center of New Eden. Gallente also call it highsec…but, I think…to the audience I’m writing for, “highsec” would be a drug reference, and totally inaccurate…at least in conveying information.

The readers who have propelled me into my current position, for the most part reside in what they describe the “Central Cluster”, so I use their terminology to describe events…to them.

I’m sure many of us have experienced either regional names or pronunciations, that have initially confused us but once explained…made sense.

To everyone else…:blush:, thanks for reading.

Note to self: follow up on The Great One, and Socks.

(Tyrel Toov) #29

The “great one” refers to James315 the pilot who started CODE. They are a bunch of annoying schmucks who get their jollies off blowing up mining and industrial ships. They claim to offer permits to prevent getting ganked, but from what I’ve been told, they don’t honor them…

(Arrendis) #30

He’s also a right wordy puta. Makes me look positively brief.

(Tyrel Toov) #31

Yeah, I’ve seen his galnet site. Should have an 18 and over warning due to all the masturbatory content.